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Providing our clients with the edge to the latest Technologies

What we do

At the front lines to implement solutions to fight and defend against threats

It is key to our business model to maintain our standard and market share by delivering key solutions to our customers.

Law Enforcement

  • Law Enforcement Criminal Justice and Forensic Solutions
  • Mobile Biometric Identification Solutions.
  • Prison/Correctional/Detention Facility Management & Solutions
  • Courtroom identification and verification.
  • Emergency Responders Equipment & 911 Communications Systems

Immigration & Border Management

  • Airport & Border Control Solutions to FBI Requirements.
  • Migrant management Solutions
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Airport Passport Control Kiosks & Systems


  • Airport Security Equipment & Systems
  • Radio Communication & Telecommunications
  • Emergency Response Equipment & Solutions
  • Aircraft & Airport Communication, Navigation and Radar Systems

Seaports & Borders Security

  • Non-Intrusive Freight & Cargo Inspection Scanning X-Ray Systems
  • Naval Radio Communication, Navigation & Telecommunications,
  • Waterside Management- Navigation, Radar & GPS Systems


  • Vehicle Tracking, GPS & License Plate Recognition
  • Traffic Lights & Vehicle Surveillance
  • Armored Vehicles (SUV, Trucks Etc)
Who we are

Providing Impenetrable Defense For Companies

Defend your organization against the latest threats. Get started with a free quote and risk evaluation.

Biometrics & Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Advanced Defense Arsenal

Solutions Management
Biometrics In Banking
Identity Management
Data Recovery
Risk Assessment
Cloud Computing
Digital Security
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